Starvie Spika 2.0 | Padel Racket

$141.00 $161.00

Starvie Spika 2.0 | Padel Racket

$141.00 $161.00
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The Starvie Spika 2.0 is a new padel racket, great for players who want to improve their game. It's made of 100% carbon, which makes it strong and long-lasting.

The racket has a round shape, meaning the best spot to hit the ball is right in the middle. Thanks to its soft rubber, hitting the ball is easier and faster.

This racket feels comfortable and has a big "sweet spot" for hitting the ball well. That makes it more enjoyable to play with. It's ideal for beginners who want a mix of attack and control.

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Weight: 355 - 370 gram

Shape: Round

Balance: Medium