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We will take you through the various Black Crown padel rackets. Each model has unique characteristics tailored to specific playing styles and levels. Discover which racket suits you best and how Black Crown technology can enhance your game.

1. Black Crown Koala

The Koala series is known for its versatility and ease of play. These rackets are designed for players seeking an excellent balance between power and control. What makes the Koala rackets unique is their large sweet spot and the use of soft EVA rubber, which provides extra comfort and forgiveness on off-center hits. The lightweight construction makes these rackets easy to handle, ideal for both beginners and advanced players looking to improve their technique.

2. Black Crown Piton

The Piton series is a favorite among experienced players for its exceptional power and precision. These rackets are made with a high-quality carbon frame and a high-density EVA rubber core, resulting in explosive shots and maximum durability. The Piton rackets stand out for their stiffness and responsiveness, making them perfect for aggressive players who want to deliver powerful shots. The rough-finished blades of some Piton models provide extra spin and control.

3. Black Crown Hurricane

The Hurricane series offers a perfect combination of power and control, making these rackets suitable for a wide range of players. This series features a reinforced structure and a comfortable grip, ensuring stable and powerful play. What makes the Hurricane rackets special is their balanced weight distribution and aerodynamic design, allowing players to react quickly and flexibly to various situations on the court. These rackets are ideal for all-around players seeking versatility.

4. Black Crown Special

The Special series is designed for players looking for a unique playing experience. These rackets feature an innovative design and are equipped with the latest technologies to optimize performance. What makes the Special rackets unique is the combination of high-quality materials like 3K Carbon and a special layer that allows for extra grip and spin. These rackets offer excellent control and precision, making them ideal for players who want to improve their strategic game and surprise with unpredictable shots.

5. Black Crown Snake

The Snake series is perfect for players seeking maximum agility and speed on the court. These rackets are lightweight and have an aerodynamic design, allowing players to react and maneuver quickly. What distinguishes the Snake rackets is their flexible frame and the mix of fiberglass and carbon, providing an excellent balance between power and control. The Snake rackets are ideal for players who want to quickly switch between offensive and defensive play.

6. Black Crown Patron

The Patron series is developed for the demanding player who wants only the best. These rackets combine advanced technology with an elegant design, resulting in exceptional performance and durability. What makes the Patron rackets unique is their use of 12K Carbon for extra strength and a soft EVA rubber core for optimal shock absorption. These rackets offer superior grip and control, allowing players to elevate their game with precision and comfort.

Technological Innovations

Black Crown padel rackets are equipped with the latest technological innovations to enhance your game:

  • Carbon Frame: Reinforced construction for maximum durability and responsiveness.
  • EVA Rubber Core: Different densities for specific playing styles and optimal shock absorption.
  • Aerodynamic Design: For improved agility and speed on the court.
  • Spin Technology: Rough-finished blades for extra grip and spin.

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