Volt Padel Rackets

is a premium Padel Brand, which was born in 2016 with the purpose of creating top quality equipment, with a unique design.

Their mission is to be recognized by the Padel players as the brand with better balance between quality and design

They continue to work constantly in research, development and quality improvement. They do that with the purpose of delivering to their costumers new and better products, with a special focus on our major distinctiveness - a premium and clean design, which is a trademark across all their products.  

Volt Padel is based in Porto, Portugal and it is currently present in over 45 countries, in 5 continents.

We at PadelShop.com offer the whole racket range and we are proud to be preferred reseller of Volt padel racket.

The Volt 1000 is played by "The Beast" Agustín Gómez Silingo and new star on the block, Alex ChozasIt has a longer handle and high sweet spot. This racket was especially designed for the needs of this great Argentinian player. Is has the most power in the Volt product line up. If you are looking to for many smashes X3, this is the one to go for. 

The Volt 950 is not only very beautiful, but is also surprisingly easy to handle for a diamond shaped padelracket. The Volt 900 is the choice of Portugese legendary padelplayer Ana Catarina Nogueira

The Volt 800 is 1 of the round shaped rackets in the Volt line-up. Medium-low balance and playability is as easy as it can get.

The Volt 700 is tear-shaped with medium/high balance and has a sandy surface.

The Volt 500 is round with low balance and sandy surface. Ideal for the defensive player who wants to have premium quality in their hands.

Volt Padel Overview

Volt SHAPE Balance Structure Face Rough surface Sandy Surface Black EVA30
Volt 1000 Diamond High 3k 12k X   X
Volt 950 Diamond High 3k 12k X   X
Volt 900 Tear Med / High 3k 3k   X X
Volt 800 Round Med / Low 3k 3k X   X
Volt 700 Tear Med / High 3k 3k   X X
Volt 500 Round Low 3k 3k   X X