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Bullpadel Vertex 02 pack

Score Bullpadel's highly sought-after padel products. With the new exclusive Bullpadel Vertex 02 Pack. The pack includes these items:

Bullpadel Vertex 02 Racket, Bullpadel Racketbag, Bullpadel Premium Pro Balls, Bullpadel Cap and Bullpadel Wristbands.

Padelshop's Starter Kit

This Starter Kit is specially made to provide you with everything you need to start playing padel. The Starter Kit is perfect for beginners and advanced padel players who already have some experience with padel or tennis or ideal to give as a gift to someone.

Padelshop's best choice

HEAD Speed Pro X

The HEAD Speed Pro X is suitable for experienced and advanced padel players. This racket is ideal for playing with a lot of power without losing the necessary control.

Adidas Metalbone Team

The adidas Metalbone Team is an excellent racquet if you want to play aggressively. The Spin Blade technology with this racket allows you to give a lot of spin to the ball making it extra effective when playing hits at the net!

HEAD Alpha Pro

The HEAD Alpha Pro, recommended by Sanyo Gutiérrez, is specially made for advanced players who want a perfect balance between precision, control and feel.

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Padelshop works with Plaza Padel, that is located all across the Netherlands. Here you have the opportunity to test a racket before you buy it. Check out the possibilities!

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You can't go wrong with an Nox racket—they're great for beginners all the way up to experienced players!


Bullpadel was created by a team of enthusiasts in 1995, and quickly grew to become one of the most respected brands in Padel.


Thanks to its rackets, accessories, and quality components, adidas has been able to position itself as a high quality brand on the padel market.