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What to expect from a racket test from Padelshop:
In addition to an online shop, Padelshop has a physical Padel Experience Center. Here you get customized advice by the padel specialist of the Netherlands, Marcel Bogaart or one of his colleagues. you can test the padel racket directly on our own padel court.

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Starvie Metheora Pro LTD

The Limited Edition Metheora PRO has the EVA 50 inside, which is used by the pro players. Hard foam is better suited for warmer conditions and will give you more power and control.

adidas Metalbone CTRL 3.2

The adidas Metalbone CTRL 3.2 is the most sought-after control racket of the padel line from Adidas This racket is made for the control player who likes to be extra agile and flexible during his or her game.

VOLT 1000 V23

The Volt 1000 V23 is designed for advanced padel players looking for optimal power. The racket blade has a diamond shape. This means that the sweet spot is high on the racket for more power.

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The Story of padelshop

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The Story of PadelShop.com

The Beginning
PadelShop.com was created in 2017 as the answer to a personal search for a suitable racket by former Dutch champion Marcel Bogaart. Marcel wanted to find the perfect padel racket online, but encountered a challenge: nowhere to test rackets and padel products were only available through foreign websites. This frustration led to a visionary idea: a padel webshop that not only offers products but becomes a true padel buddy, your best teammate on and off the court.

The Essence of PadelShop.com
PadelShop.com is all about being your best teammate. You never play padel alone, always in a team of two. And that is the core value of PadelShop.com: we want to help you find the best racket that perfectly fits your game, technical skills, physical abilities, and budget. Our reward? Your success on the court.

Marcel Bogaart: A Padel Pioneer
Behind PadelShop.com stands Marcel Bogaart, a padel pioneer with over a decade of experience in the game. For seven years, he represented the Netherlands on international stages, with impressive performances at World and European championships. As co-founder of La Playa (now Plaza Padel) and PadelShop.com, and now as a padel analyst at Ziggo, Marcel shares his passion and expertise with the world.

Our Mission
At PadelShop.com we want to give you the greatest opportunity to choose the right racket at a fair price. We strive for honest advice, reasonable prices, and the possibility to try out rackets in our Padel Experience Center in Alphen aan den Rijn.

Our Vision
We aspire to be the padel specialist of the Benelux and beyond. Through our expertise, fair prices, and excellent service, we want to be the destination for anyone looking for high-quality padel equipment.

The PadelShop Concept

  • Fair prices
  • Everything from our own stock
  • Racket testing
  • Own logistics
  • Our product knowledge at your disposal
  • Fast worldwide delivery
  • Unique products which we fully support

The Padel Experience Center (PEC)
Our Padel Experience Center in Alphen aan den Rijn is the ultimate destination for padel enthusiasts. Here you can not only test rackets but also experience and see how rackets are made. With over 3500 rackets and shoes in stock, there is always an abundance of choices. Our unique testing approach, including an advanced machine to measure racket characteristics, guarantees our guests the highest success rate.

Why We Are Unique
More than 10 years of experience in padel and padel equipment make us not just salesmen but true specialists. At PadelShop.com, we don't work, we live our passion: the vitamin P of padel.