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Welcome to, your ultimate destination for buying padel balls. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced padel enthusiast, we have the perfect selection of padel balls to meet your needs. Discover our range of top brands and experience the difference in quality and play.

The padel balls we offer

At, the quality of your play is central. We understand that the right equipment makes a world of difference on the padel court. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering only the very best padel balls, carefully selected to meet your high standards. But why choose our padel balls? Below we share the key points that distinguish our selection and take your padel game to the next level.

High quality

We believe that quality is at the foundation of every great padel game. Our balls are made with the finest materials, carefully tested, and selected for their durability and consistent performance on various playing surfaces. At, you are guaranteed balls that not only meet the official standards but even exceed them.

Optimal performance

A good padel ball offers the perfect mix of control and speed, essential for refining your game, regardless of your playing style. Our range is composed with this in mind, to ensure that every stroke, every service, and every rally becomes unforgettable. With our balls, you'll experience an enhanced playing experience that elevates your game to a higher level.

For every playing level

Padel is a sport for everyone, and so are our padel balls. Whether you're hitting the court for your first game or you have years of experience, with us, you'll find the perfect ball that matches your playing level. Our selection includes balls suitable for all types of players, from beginners to professionals, allowing everyone to enjoy the optimal game.

Only the best padel balls from the Netherlands

At, we understand the importance of quality balls for an optimal padel experience. That's why we carefully select only the top brands, known for their unparalleled quality and performance. Discover what makes each brand unique:

Slazenger (Recommended Brand)

Slazenger padel balls are top-of-the-line in terms of quality and durability. They have an excellent bounce and retain their pressure two to three times longer than other padel balls. This makes them perfect for players who often play several sets in a row, as well as for padel trainers. Whether you play on hard or soft padel courts, these balls provide a reliable and consistent playing experience. That's why many competition players choose Slazenger.


Wilson is a brand synonymous with innovation in the sports world. Their padel balls are designed for players looking for a ball with an excellent balance between control and speed, ideal for both training and official matches.


Dunlop padel balls are praised for their durability and are developed with a unique core that provides consistent bounce and speed. Suitable for players of all levels, Dunlop balls are a versatile choice for any padel player.


Bullpadel offers balls specifically designed for the dynamic game of padel. Focusing on high performance, their balls provide an exceptional combination of durability and playability, ideal for players looking to improve their game.

Black Crown

Black Crown is known for their high-quality padel rackets, but their balls are just as impressive. Designed for serious players, these balls offer superior performance and are excellent for both training and competitive matches.


Tubo padel balls are designed for players who value precision and consistency. With a perfect balance between bounce and speed, these balls are ideal for technical play and tactical maneuvers on the padel court.


Head padel balls are developed with advanced technologies that ensure an optimal combination of speed and control. They are durable and designed to perform under all conditions, making them beloved by both amateurs and professionals.

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about padel balls. Do you have a question not answered here? Feel free to contact us for more information.

Can you use tennis balls for padel?

No, tennis balls and padel balls are designed differently in terms of size, weight, and bounce. Using tennis balls for padel can negatively affect the playing experience. Therefore, we recommend always using official padel balls.

How long does a padel ball last?

The lifespan of a padel ball depends on various factors such as play intensity, playing surface, and maintenance. An average padel ball lasts about 2 to 3 sets, here the quality you want to maintain during your game is personal. If you want to make your padel balls last longer, you can choose padel balls like Slazenger, Dunlop Fort, or Bullpadel Premium Gold. Additionally, you can also use a pressure regulator like the Tubo X3, which extends the lifespan of a padel ball by 3 to 5 times.