we will take you through the various Head padel rackets. Each model has unique characteristics tailored to specific playing styles and skill levels. Discover which racket suits you best and how Head technology can enhance your game.

1. Head Extreme

The Head Extreme series is known for its advanced technology and innovative design, specifically created for players seeking a combination of power and control. These rackets offer both power and consistency thanks to the 12K carbon hitting surface. The structure on the blade allows for extra spin, while the Auxetic technology provides additional power and a sensational impact feel. The Soft Butt Cap technology offers a softer feel and dampens vibrations. The glossy and matte finish makes these rackets not only functional but also visually appealing.

Key features:

  • For intermediate and advanced players
  • 12K carbon hitting surface: For remarkable durability and power
  • Structured blade: For extra spin
  • Auxetic technology: For additional power and sensational impact feel
  • Soft Butt Cap technology: For a softer feel and vibration damping
  • Glossy and matte finish: For a premium and stylish appearance

2. Head Evo

The Head Evo series is perfect for beginners who want to get acquainted with padel. These rackets offer a combination of comfort and power while remaining light and forgiving. Weighing only 360 g and with a balance point of 270 mm, they offer optimal maneuverability and easy handling. The large hitting surface and fiberglass face provide a refined touch and extra comfort. The Innegra™ technology increases durability and performance, while the EXTREME design offers a fresh and striking look.

Key Features:

  • Comfort & Power for beginners
  • Lightweight & Balanced
  • Large Hitting Surface with soft foam
  • Fiberglass Face for a softer feel
  • Innegra™ Technology for durability

3. Head Radical

The Head Radical series is designed for intermediate and advanced players looking for a versatile racket with optimal control and power. These teardrop-shaped rackets have a balanced structure with a fiberglass face for more flexibility and comfort. The Control Foam core ensures excellent control and ball feel. With Auxetic technology for extra power and a sensational impact feel, and Soft Butt Cap technology for a softer feel, these rackets offer everything you need to improve your game.

Key Features:

  • For intermediate and advanced players
  • Teardrop shape for balance
  • Fiberglass face for flexibility
  • Control Foam core for control and ball feel
  • Auxetic technology for extra power

4. Speed Series

The Head Speed series is ideal for advanced players looking for a combination of control and power. These rackets have a hybrid face of woven carbon and fiberglass, providing durability and comfort. With harder power foam, a teardrop shape, and a high balance point, these rackets offer a lot of power. The optimized sweet spot technology provides more comfort and a larger sweet spot. The Graphene 360+ material increases stability and power, while the Anti Shock technology protects the racket from scratches and impacts. The Auxetic technology provides better feel and response, and the soft butt cap dampens vibrations for more comfort.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid face of woven carbon and fiberglass
  • Hard power foam for more power
  • Optimized sweet spot for more comfort
  • Graphene 360+ for stability and power
  • Anti Shock technology for protection
  • Auxetic technology for better response


At Padelshop.com, we understand that choosing the right padel racket is a crucial decision. That’s why we provide detailed information and expert advice to help you make the best choice. Whether you are a beginner just starting with padel or an experienced player looking to take your game to the next level, there is always a Head racket that perfectly suits you.

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