Starvie Pádel White | Padel Bag


Starvie Pádel White | Padel Bag

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The Starvie Pádel White Bag features an innovative box design with two TermoTech compartments on the sides. These compartments, made from thermal material, provide effective protection against cold or heat, ensuring that the paddles retain their technical properties.

With a focus on functionality, this padel bag offers the capacity to transport padelrackets, sportswear, and accessories without sacrificing space. It includes a central pocket for enhanced organization, as well as an individual compartment with ventilation specifically designed for storing footwear.

In addition to its practical design, the padel White Bag is equipped with lumbar reinforcement that provides comfort and prevents potential discomfort while carrying it.

Dimensions: 52 cm x 25 cm x 28 cm.

Materials: PU Leather.

Specification Padel Rackets👇