Starvie Dronos Speed 2024 | Padel Racket


Starvie Dronos Speed 2024 | Padel Racket

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Starvie Dronos Speed 2024

Elevate Your Game with the Dronos Speed: Unmatched Power and Control

Performance-Driven Design:

  • 3K Carbon Head and Frame: The Dronos Speed is engineered with a head and frame crafted from 3K Carbon, delivering enhanced rigidity for a robust racket structure.

Unleash the Speed:

  • Ultra Speed Soft Rubber: Experience a new level of gameplay with the Ultra Speed Soft rubber. It not only provides a comfortable grip but also amplifies control while giving your shots an exhilarating boost in ball speed.

Strategic Design for Peak Performance:

  • Teardrop Shape for Optimal Balance: The teardrop shape ensures that the Dronos Speed's sweet spot is perfectly balanced towards the tip, providing players with consistent and powerful strikes.
  • Rough Texture for Stability: The rough texture on the head, integrated directly into the mold, offers outstanding stability and durability. Coupled with the innovative Full Plane Effect technology, it enables precise ball strikes.

Technological Marvels:

  • Star Balance System for Weight Precision: At the heart of the racket lies the Star Balance system, delivering impeccable weight distribution for unrivaled control.
  • Dual Layer Composition: Carbon 3K Head and Frame: The head and frame of the racket are constructed with a 100% 3K carbon composition, ensuring top-notch performance on the court.
  • Noene Inside Grip for Shock Absorption: Developed in collaboration with NOENE®, the groundbreaking Noene Inside anti-shock padel grip, an exclusive feature of StarVie rackets, absorbs and safeguards against up to 96% of negative energy generated by shocks and vibrations.

Spanish Craftsmanship at Its Pinnacle:

  • Exclusively Crafted in Spain: The Dronos Speed showcases the pinnacle of Spanish craftsmanship, reflecting the dedication and precision that defines every StarVie creation.

Experience the Dronos Speed, a racket meticulously designed to amplify your gameplay. With a focus on power, control, and comfort, it empowers players to dominate the court with confidence. Elevate your performance and experience the difference with Dronos Speed.

Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 355 - 370 gram

Shape: Tear

Balance: Medium and High