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Padel rackets for children

Choosing the right padel racket for young players is crucial for their development and enjoyment of the game. Here at, we offer a carefully selected range of padel rackets for children to help develop their skills and enjoy every match. Below, you will find the details of our top three padel rackets for children.

How to choose a padel racket for a child?

When selecting a padel racket for children, there are a few key aspects to consider:

  • Weight: The racket should be light enough for the child to handle easily without straining their arms.
  • Size and grip: The size of the racket and the thickness of the grip should fit the child’s size.
  • Shape: Depending on the child's skill level, a round racket (for beginners) or a teardrop-shaped racket (for intermediate players) may be appropriate.
  • Material: Choose padel rackets with a softer core for more shock absorption to protect joints.

Benefits of padel rackets for children

Padel rackets designed specifically for children offer several benefits:

  • Physical development: Padel aids in the development of motor skills and improves overall physical condition.
  • Social interaction: Padel is a social game that encourages interaction with peers and promotes teamwork.
  • Learning and focus: The game requires concentration and strategic thinking, which helps children develop cognitive skills.

Our top three padel rackets for children

At, we understand how important it is for young players to start with the right equipment. That’s why we have carefully compiled a selection of the best padel rackets specifically designed for children. Our top three choices offer a combination of comfort, control, and durability, perfectly tailored to the needs of young players.

1. Starvie Metheora Junior

The Starvie Metheora Junior is a racket that adopts the features of Matías Díaz's “Warrior” model, adapted for young, ambitious players. This racket combines lightweight comfort with excellent manageability, allowing children to learn and improve quickly.


  • Shape: Round for maximum control
  • Balance: Centered sweet spot for balanced control
  • Weight: Comfortably light
  • Material: Soft rubber for fast ball speed and easy strokes

2. Bullpadel Indiga Boy 

The Bullpadel Indiga Boy is ideal for beginners in the junior padel world. This racket is designed to develop the technique of young players. It provides a comfortable grip and a lightweight design that is easy to handle, contributing to a smooth learning experience on the padel court.


  • Suitable for: Novice junior players
  • Blade Shape: Teardrop for a good balance between power and control
  • Balance: Medium
  • Weight: 280 grams
  • Frame: Polyglass with an Evalastic core

3. Black Crown Piton Junior 

The Black Crown Piton Junior is an excellent choice for future padel champions. This racket, with its light weight and thin handle, offers young players a large sweet spot, which simplifies learning and playing. It is an ideal starter for children playing their first games and training.


  • Weight: 310 to 320 grams
  • Frame Thickness: 34 mm
  • Blade Shape: Round for optimal control
  • Frame: Tubular fiberglass
  • Outer Core: Three layers of highly durable reinforced fiberglass
  • Inner Core: Medium hardness, high-density Eva Rubber

Why choose our padel rackets for children?

Choosing the right padel racket for your child can make a world of difference in their game development and enjoyment. Our padel rackets for children are specially designed to give young players an edge, with light weights, comfortable grips, and blade shapes that enhance control and learning ability. Each racket is carefully selected to meet the needs of different skill levels, from complete beginners to more experienced young players. Choose the perfect racket for your young padeller at today and watch them grow in the game!