Munich Padx 28 | Padel Shoes

$76.00 $116.00

Munich Padx 28 | Padel Shoes

$76.00 $116.00
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Experience the perfect flow on the padel courts with the PADX. These shoes are known for their exceptional durability and resistance in the instep area. They feature a special piece that adds structure to the fabric base and protects against abrasion in the most affected areas.

Step into unparalleled comfort with the PADX Padel Shoes. The soles have a soft and comfortable feel, providing a plush experience with every step. Please note that the PADX tends to fit smaller, so if you're unsure about the size, we recommend choosing one size bigger for a better fit.

The PADX Padel Shoes are designed with advanced technology to enhance your performance. The X-Lite technology in the midsole offers extra cushioning, reducing the impact on your joints and providing added comfort during long matches. The shoes also have features like an anti-shock insert and a reinforced bridge for increased stability during lateral movements.

These shoes are equipped with the innovative Grip Line Technology tread. The tread has mixed patterns and textures, along with a small double spike, to improve traction and mobility on the court. You'll have better grip, allowing you to make precise moves and stay in control of the game.

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