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The Premium Power II racket, featuring a diamond shape and high balance, caters to offensive players who prioritize power in their game. It incorporates a groundbreaking asymmetrical hole pattern to optimize a wide sweet spot, enhancing performance in each specific zone. The racket's innovative semi-drilled cross in the center delivers controlled output, eliminating the trampoline effect during defense and providing increased power in defensive shots. Additionally, it boasts new cap technology, reducing vibrations with a softer composition and oval shape for improved handle versatility. As always, it includes CORK PADEL's exclusive anti-vibration system.

Details: The Premium Power II racket is designed for offensive players seeking to amplify the power in their game. Its diamond shape and high balance point make it an ideal choice for those who prefer an aggressive playstyle.

What sets this racket apart is its unique and exclusive asymmetrical hole pattern. This innovation is engineered to optimize a broad sweet spot, ensuring peak performance in each specific zone of the racket. The varying hole diameters in this pattern contribute to a superior playing experience.

At the heart of the racket lies an innovative technology—a semi-drilled cross. This design element, centered within the racket, is a game-changer. It translates to controlled output with a wide and controlled sweet spot, effectively eliminating the trampoline effect when playing defensively and enhancing power in defensive height shots.

The Premium Power II racket features new cap technology, further minimizing vibrations. The softer composition of the cap and its oval shape provide enhanced versatility for the handle. This not only ensures a more comfortable grip but also optimizes playability.

As is standard with CORK PADEL products, this racket incorporates their exclusive anti-vibration system. It enhances stability and reduces vibrations, ultimately improving the overall playing experience.

The Premium Power ll racket is a powerhouse designed for players who crave offensive play and a greater emphasis on power in their padel games.


  • Shape: Diamond
  • Balance: High
  • Asymmetrical Hole Pattern
  • Semi-Drilled Cross Technology
  • New Cap Technology for Vibration Reduction
  • Exclusive CORK PADEL Anti-Vibration System

The Premium Power II racket is your ticket to boosting the power in your game while maintaining control and precision. Elevate your offensive play with this innovative and powerful padel racket.

Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 355 - 370 gram

Shape: Diamond

Balance: High