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The Classic Racket embodies the essence of Cork Padel nostalgia, designed to encapsulate the very spirit of cork.

Distinguished by its enhanced comfort and maneuverability, the Cork Padel Classic features a low balance and reduced weight, ensuring an exceptional playing experience.

Undergoing a significant evolution in its drilling pattern, the new Cork Padel rackets boast an expanded sweetspot and enlarged heart, enhancing aerodynamics across all models while maintaining their inherent potency.

Furthermore, the latest Cork Padel models feature a revolutionary string application, offering replaceability, waterproofing, and anti-bacterial properties to elevate player hygiene and comfort.

At the core of the racket lies an innovative gum technology, characterized by a semi-drilled cross. This unique feature results in controlled output with a broad and controlled sweet spot, eliminating the trampoline effect during defensive plays while amplifying power in defensive maneuvers.

To further enhance player experience, the rackets incorporate new cap technology, effectively reducing vibrations through a softer composition and oval shape, thereby enhancing grip versatility.

Details: CORK PADEL CLASSIC racket delivers excellent control and agility with a low balance and an average weight of 342-347 grams. It's a lightweight and nimble racket equipped with a unique vibration absorption system, making it suitable for beginners, players seeking a lighter option, or those who want to minimize strain on their upper body.

This round shaped racket weighs between 340 and 350 grams and has a thickness of 38mm. Its frame combines carbon, kevlar, and cork, while the surface consists of four layers: cork, innegra, carbon, and fiberglass. The core is crafted from laminated EVA SOFT foam with a high rebound rate. A matte varnish is applied for better ball grip, and the racket features half-drilled holes around the sweet spot.

CORK PADEL CLASSIC comes with the Cork Pro Grip, a custom rubber grip that enhances grip and reduces vibrations.


  • Shape: Round Shaped
  • Weight: 340-350 grams
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Frame Material: Carbon, Kevlar, and Cork
  • Surface Material: Cork, Innegra, Carbon, and Fiberglass
  • Core Material: Laminated EVA SOFT Foam
  • Grip: Cork Pro Grip with Relief for Optimal Hold and Vibration Absorption

The Light III racket is an excellent choice for control and agility, making it suitable for beginners, those who prefer a lightweight racket, or players aiming to reduce physical strain during play.

*We are only authorized to sell Cork within the Netherlands. 

Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 340 - 355 gram

Shape: Round

Balance: Low and Medium