Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024 | Padel Racket

199,95 249,95

Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024 | Padel Racket

199,95 249,95


Introducing the Bullpadel Vertex 04 Woman 2024: a lightweight diamond-shaped padel racket tailored for professional and advanced players, delivering a perfect blend of power and control. This racket features a rough Topspin surface, providing exceptional grip and spin on the ball for heightened performance.

In Detail:

This racket showcases two groundbreaking frame concepts. The CURVAKTIV system, characterized by its rotated structure, grants resistance against twisting. The innovative surface rotation allows for the introduction of a smaller yet more rigid section compared to the Vertex03 frame, resulting in a more evenly distributed transmission of stresses throughout the racket. This enhanced vibration and stress distribution is further reinforced by the combination of CURVAKTIV with the AIR POWER system. The latter represents the natural evolution of the Air React Channel system, leveraging a hollow area in the lower side of the blade. This ingenious design, comprising less material, fortifies the structure, making it less susceptible to deformation and substantially stronger.

The racket's composition is a testament to cutting-edge engineering. Its external core is crafted from Fibrix hybrid fiber, while its internal core is fashioned from the new MultiEva, characterized by two different Eva densities. The frame is constructed from 100% carbon fiber CarbonTube, incorporating the latest Vertex core technology.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: Approximately 345-360 grams
  • Profile: 38 MM
  • Balance: High
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Composition: Fibrix (exterior), MultiEva (interior)
  • Player: Adult expert
  • Power/Control Ratio: 100/90

Elevate your game with the Bullpadel Vertex 04 Woman 2024. Discover the Bullpadel collection and experience the unmatched prowess of Bullpadel's innovative padel racket technology.

Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 340 - 355 gram

Shape: Diamond

Balance: High