Black Crown Patron Evolution | Padel Racket

259,95 299,95

Black Crown Patron Evolution | Padel Racket

259,95 299,95
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Discover the ultimate combination of power, control, and precision with the Black Crown Patron Evolution padel racket. This high-quality racket is specifically designed for players looking to elevate their game, whether you are an advanced player or just starting with padel.


  1. Advanced Construction: The Patron Evolution racket is crafted with a solid frame made of 100% carbon, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The blend of fiberglass and carbon in the racket face provides an optimal balance between flexibility and strength.

  2. Excellent Control: With its medium balance and teardrop shape, this racket offers exceptional control over your shots. It allows for precise ball placement, essential for strategic play and dominating your opponent.

  3. Powerful Shots: The EVA Soft rubber core absorbs vibrations while delivering powerful response with every shot. This means you can produce hard, sharp hits without compromising on comfort.

  4. Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic handle with a soft grip provides extra comfort during long matches. This helps reduce fatigue and ensures a stable, confident hold.

  5. Stylish Appearance: Featuring a sleek, modern design and striking color scheme, the Black Crown Patron Evolution is not only a technical masterpiece but also a visual delight on the court.

Summary: The Black Crown Patron Evolution padel racket is the ideal choice for players seeking the perfect balance between power and control. Its advanced materials and ergonomic design ensure you play every match with confidence and style. Take your game to new heights with the Patron Evolution racket and experience the difference.


  • Frame: 100% Carbon
  • Face: Fiberglass and Carbon
  • Core: EVA Soft Rubber
  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Balance: Medium
  • Weight: 360-375 grams

Choose the Black Crown Patron Evolution padel racket and dominate the game with precision and power!

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Vorm: Tear

Balans: Medium en High