Why use a padel racket protector?

Padel racket protectors are designed to protect your racket from wear and tear during play. They help prevent damage to the edges and surface of the racket caused by contact with the ground, walls, or other rackets. Using a protector significantly extends the life of your racket, which means good savings in the long term.

Our padel racket protectors

  1. Starvie padel racket protector
    This protection tape offers robust grip and excellent resistance to wear. The black tape, adorned with the white StarVie logo and red accents, protects your racket from scratches and dents. By purchasing this product, you also support the Alas Trefemo Foundation, contributing to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market.

  2. Cork padel racket protector
    This polyamide protection tape with micro-grid relief offers extra safety during the game by protecting the structure of your racket from hits and friction. With dimensions of 37×370 mm, it provides ample coverage.

  3. Dunlop padel racket protector
    The Dunlop protection tape, sold in sets of three, ensures excellent protection for your padel racket. Prevent damage and keep your racket in top condition with this reliable protector.

How to use a padel racket protector?

Applying the protection is simple:

  1. Clean the edge of your racket so that it is free from dirt and moisture.
  2. Remove the protective film from the tape.
  3. Carefully stick the tape along the edge of the racket, ensuring it is applied evenly and without air bubbles.
  4. Press the tape firmly to ensure good adhesion.

Frequently asked questions about padel racket protectors

How often should I replace my racket protector?

Replace your protector as soon as you notice that it is worn out or no longer provides effective protection. This depends on how often you play and under what conditions.

Can I use the padel racket protector on any type of padel racket?

Yes, our protection tapes are suitable for all types of padel rackets. They are flexible and can be easily cut to fit your specific racket.