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Discover the perfect grip for your padel racket and improve your game with our premium collection of padel grips. Whether you're looking for extra comfort, better shock absorption, or more control during your game, at you'll find the grip that suits you.

Why an overgrip is essential:

  1. Improved grip: An overgrip provides a better hold and feels more comfortable in your hand, making it easier to execute shots.
  2. Health benefits: Using an overgrip with the correct thickness helps prevent excessive pressure. Playing with a grip that is too thin or too thick often leads to squeezing harder, which can result in complaints to the wrist, elbow, or shoulder.

What is a base grip?

A base grip is the original grip that is applied to your padel racket. It provides the initial comfort and control you experience. A good base grip is essential for a solid foundation of your game.

Noene anti shock base padel grip

Protect your arm and improve your game with the Noene Anti-Shock Padel Grip. Designed for players who demand the most from their equipment, this grip absorbs shocks (up to 96%) and vibrations allowing you to play longer and without discomfort. It's really a no-brainer for players who already suffer from arm problems or are sensitive to it. Players who have no issues can choose to install the Noene anti-shock grip on their racket as a precaution.

  • To be used as an under/base grip: Put it on once and leave it as long as the racket lasts
  • Convenience: Easy to install on all standard Padel rackets.
  • Durability: Lightweight and durable, without affecting the balance or weight of your racket.

Hesacore tour grip

Experience a revolution in your grip with the Hesacore Tour Grip. This internationally patented design gives you more power, comfort, and control. Thanks to the unique hexagonal honeycomb profile and silicone material, this grip provides an unparalleled improvement in the way you hold your racket.

What is an overgrip?

An overgrip is an extra layer of grip that you wrap over your base grip (or another overgrip). Overgrips are used to improve the grip of the racket, increase sweat absorption, and extend the life of the base grip.

Why apply an overgrip over your base grip?

Overgrips improve the manageability of your racket by adding extra sweat absorption and providing a more comfortable grip, which is especially useful during long and intense matches.

  • Comfort: Improves the grip and feel of the racket in your hand.
  • Absorption: Helps control sweat and keeps your racket slip-free.
  • Personalization: Allows you to adjust the thickness and feel of your racket grip.
  • Reduced risk of injuries: Ensures you squeeze less hard on your shots, thereby reducing the chance of arm injuries.

Grip size

The right grip size is crucial for optimal control and comfort. A grip that is too large or too small can lead to injuries and discomfort. Our advice is to add an overgrip to every padel racket. The thickness of the grip varies from person to person. When you hold the padel racket, there should be space for a little finger.


A good grip can help prevent injuries by providing better ergonomics and shock absorption, which is essential for players of all levels.

Sweaty hands

Our selection of overgrips offers excellent sweat absorption and ensures your racket always provides a reliable grip, no matter how intense the game becomes. If you prefer to have completely dry hands while playing padel? Then take a look at the following product: Stop Sweat. This is a gel that you apply to your hands and prevents you from sweating on your hands.

Frequently asked questions

about Overgrips In this section, we address some of the most common questions about overgrips, from how to apply them correctly to when it's time to replace them. Continue reading for expert tips and advice to get the most out of your overgrip!

Handy rule of thumb for the correct Size of padel Grip

To determine the correct size of your padel grip, hold your racket and try to fit the index finger of your other hand between your palm and the base of your fingers. The space should be just right for your index finger.

What are the consequences of a too narrow padel grip?

A too narrow grip can lead to decreased control over the racket, increased risk of injuries due to incorrect hand positioning, and an unnatural swinging motion.

How often should you replace your overgrip?

The frequency at which you should replace your overgrip depends on how often you play and how much you sweat. Generally, it is advised to replace the overgrip as soon as it shows signs of wear or loses its grip, which for frequent players amounts to every few weeks. Specialists at suggest that a grip should typically be replaced after 8 to 10 matches.

Which side of the overgrip should be used?

The overgrip has a sticky side and a smooth side. Wrap the sticky side around your racket for optimal grip. Most overgrips come with a peel-off film that you remove to expose the sticky side.

What's the difference between left-handed and right-handed grips?

Pay attention: it's important to consider whether you are left-handed or right-handed. This affects how the grip fits and feels in your hand, conforming to the shape of your hand. Right-handed players should wrap their grip with a leftward twist on the grip. For left-handed players, they should do it the other way around.