We will take you through the various Cork Padel rackets. Each model has unique characteristics tailored to specific playing styles and skill levels. Discover which racket suits you best and how Cork technology can enhance your game.

Cork Padel® - The most beautiful padel racket in the world

Experience the ultimate combination of control, power, and precision with Cork Padel®, the most beautiful padel racket in the world. From the moment you hold the racket, you'll immediately notice the difference in playing comfort, ball feel, looks, and durability. Each racket is unique and hand-finished with cork in our workshop in Fatima, Portugal.

In Fatima, passionate craftsmen and women, who themselves play padel at a high level, spend more than 8 hours with attention and love on each racket. This results in unparalleled technical quality that makes playing with a Cork Padel racket so special. Discover for yourself why Cork Padel is the choice of demanding players worldwide.

Handmade top quality

Cork Padel rackets are special and unique! No two rackets are the same because they are handmade. Each racket receives at least 8 hours of careful attention and craftsmanship to achieve technical perfection and the unique visual appearance. Control, comfort, and power characterize the playing experience. This is thanks to a smart distribution of ultra-durable premium materials. Each Cork Padel racket is patented with exclusive anti-vibration technology, allowing you to prevent injuries even at the highest level of play.

1. Cork Extreme

The Extreme series is designed for players seeking maximum power and explosiveness in their game. These rackets feature reinforced construction and advanced weight distribution to generate powerful shots. The Extreme rackets are perfect for aggressive players who like to dominate the game with powerful attacks.

2. Cork Supreme

The Supreme series offers an excellent balance between power and control, making it ideal for all-round players. These rackets are designed with an innovative core and a durable frame to deliver both precision and power. The Supreme rackets are suitable for players looking to elevate their game with versatility and reliability.

3. Cork Premium

The Premium series is known for its high-quality materials and advanced technologies. These rackets offer unparalleled control and precision, thanks to the carefully designed core and superior weight distribution. The Premium rackets are perfect for competitive players looking to refine their game and seeking the very best.

4. Cork Classic

The Classic series is designed for players who prefer a traditional feel and excellent playability. These rackets are lightweight and easy to handle, focusing on comfort and ease of play. The Classic rackets offer a good balance between power and control, making them ideal for recreational players and beginners.

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