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Welcome to, the expert in padel rackets. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the various Donnay padel rackets. Each model has unique characteristics tailored to specific playing styles and skill levels. Discover which racket suits you best and how Donnay technology can enhance your game.

1. Donnay Cyborg

The Cyborg series is Donnay's top line and a re-issue of the famous Björn Borg rackets. These rackets are similar to the Eclipse 3K Red but made with 18K carbon for a different, more refined feel. Weighing between 365-375 grams, these rackets are ideal for advanced players seeking precision and power. The mid-balance provides excellent maneuverability and control.

2. Donnay Tiffany

The Tiffany series is perfect for beginner female padel players. These rackets weigh between 345-355 grams and are lightweight, providing a comfortable playing experience. Made from fiberglass and soft foam, these rackets are easy on the arm but offer less power. The Tiffany rackets are ideal for players just starting with padel and looking for an easy-to-handle racket.

3. Donnay Luna

The Luna series, weighing 345 grams, is very light and perfectly suited for women and children aged 10-13 years. These rackets are made of fiberglass with a soft foam core, ensuring a comfortable playing experience. While they offer less power and control, they are ideal for young and female players looking for an easy-to-handle racket.

4. Donnay Eclipse

The Eclipse series is for better players looking for a lightweight racket with more power. Weighing 355 grams and featuring a 3K carbon construction, these rackets offer a good balance between maneuverability and power. The round shape provides a large sweet spot, making these rackets suitable for advanced to skilled padel players.

5. Donnay Blaze

The Blaze series offers an excellent balance between power and control. These rackets are suitable for all-around players looking for a reliable partner on the court. With a medium weight distribution and comfortable grip, the Blaze rackets are versatile and suitable for players of all levels.

6. Donnay Afterglow

The Afterglow series is designed for players who prioritize control above all else. These rackets have a balanced weight distribution and a soft core, providing exceptional feel and precision with every shot. They are ideal for defensive players who want to place the ball accurately.

Technological Innovations

Donnay padel rackets are equipped with the latest technological innovations to enhance your game:

  • 18K Carbon: Provides a refined feel and better responsiveness.
  • Fiberglass and Soft Foam: Comfortable for the arm, ideal for beginner players.
  • 3K Carbon: Suitable for better players, offering more power and control.
  • Large Sweet Spot: For more maneuverability and precision.


At, we understand that choosing the right padel racket is a crucial decision. That’s why we provide detailed information and expert advice to help you make the best choice. Whether you are a beginner just starting with padel or an experienced player looking to take your game to the next level, there is always a Donnay racket that perfectly suits you.

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