Siux Electra ST3 Pro | Padel Racket

249,95 349,95

Siux Electra ST3 Pro | Padel Racket

249,95 349,95
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Everything about the Siux Electra ST3

Pro Enter the court with the Siux Electra ST3 Pro, an essential tool for the seasoned padel player. This racket is a masterpiece of engineering, designed to meet the demands of the advanced player by offering a sublime balance between power and precision, supported by the latest technological advancements. With its hybrid design, top materials, and innovative features, it enables the player to reach a new level of play on the padel court.

The Official Racket of Franco Stupaczuk

As part of the Siux Pro Series, the Siux Electra ST3 Pro holds the title of the official racket of Franco Stupaczuk, a player whose name is synonymous with professionalism and excellence in the padel world. This racket is specifically designed for players at an advanced to professional level, looking for a racket that delivers an optimal combination of power and control.

For which player is the Siux Electra ST3 Pro intended?

The Siux Electra ST3 Pro is ideally suited for the technically skilled and versatile player, from intermediate to advanced level, who desires a racket that offers both versatility and top performances. The hybrid shape guarantees a perfect balance between hitting power and game control, ideal for players who pursue an all-around playing style and strive for excellence.

Features of the Siux Electra ST3 Pro

  • Blade shape: Hybrid, for an ideal mix of power and control.
  • Weight: 355-375 grams, offers a medium balance for a flexible playing style.
  • Core: EVA HARD material, for a firm touch and maximum control.
  • Face: 15K 20*40 Carbon and Textreme, for explosive hitting power and precision.
  • Frame: 3K Carbon and Aramid, ensures durability and stability with powerful shots.
  • Finish: Glossy with a sand texture, for extra grip and an elegant look.


  • Rough Surface technology: Increases grip and makes it easier to apply spin to shots.
  • Dual Pro Grip: Provides a comfortable and natural grip with FOAM rubber.
  • Dampeners: Reduces vibrations on impact, which helps prevent injuries and increases comfort.

Adjustment possibilities

Thanks to the innovative design of the Siux Electra ST3 Pro, players can adjust both the weight and the balance. This allows the racket to be tailored to personal preference for heavier or lighter play, and the balance can be shifted towards the top for more power or towards the handle for increased control. These adjustment possibilities enable the player to fine-tune the racket to their unique playing style.

Grip adjustments

With the Dual Pro Grip technology, the grip can be adjusted to preference for a more comfortable and natural hold, whether you prefer a thicker grip for better absorption or a thinner one for more direct contact with the racket.

Vibration damping

The advanced Dampeners system reduces vibrations transmitted to the arm and wrist when hitting the ball, which lowers the chance of injuries and ensures a more comfortable playing experience during long and intensive matches.

Unique features

The Siux Electra ST3 Pro stands out with a combination of a streamlined design with metallic accents and the signature metallic yellow of the bridge, resulting in a racket that is both aesthetically pleasing and delivers outstanding performances thanks to the advanced materials and the EVA Hard core.

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Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 355 - 370 gram

Shape: Tear

Balance: Medium and High