Adidas Metalbone Carbon Ctrl 3.3 | Padel Racket

$231.00 $292.00

Adidas Metalbone Carbon Ctrl 3.3 | Padel Racket

$231.00 $292.00
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Catering to high-level players seeking a fine balance between control and power, the Adidas Metalbone Carbon CTRL 3.3 stands as a testament to top-tier materials and cutting-edge technologies. The Octagonal Structure, a tubular skeleton within the heart and frame, amplifies rigidity, ensuring precise control over shots.

Enhanced resistance to high torsion is achieved through Structural Reinforcement, reinforcing the racket's resilience. The surface's Spin Blade technology maximizes shot efficiency, especially in spins, granting players unparalleled precision without compromising power.

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Weight: 355 - 370 gram

Shape: Round

Balance: Medium