Adidas Cross It Ctrl | Padel Racket

229,95 339,95

Adidas Cross It Ctrl | Padel Racket

229,95 339,95
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Experience a new dimension of control with the Adidas Cross It CTRL. This racket redefines control for professional-level players, integrating cutting-edge Dynamic Air Flow technology that introduces the science of aerodynamics into the realm of padel. Tailored for seasoned players, its meticulously crafted design optimizes airflow, minimizing resistance during shots, and elevating overall performance on the court.

The Extra Power Grip, featuring an elongated handle, strategically repositions the balance toward the top, significantly amplifying the power potential in aggressive gameplay. But innovation doesn't cease there. The 11 Thirteen hole arrangement, specifically smaller holes in the head's center, not only enhances durability but also bolsters the racket's power capacity.

Harnessing the synergy between Aluminized 15K carbon fiber and Eva High Memory—a higher density material—this racket operates as a powerful engine behind every shot, ensuring a formidable presence on the padel court. Embrace the next level in padel with the Adidas Cross It CTRL.

Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 355 - 370 gram

Shape: Round

Balance: Medium