Starvie Triton Pro 2024 | Padel Racket

229,95 252,95

Starvie Triton Pro 2024 | Padel Racket

229,95 252,95

Starvie Triton Pro 2024

Introducing the Starvie Tritón Pro, a pinnacle of engineering in the Starvie 2024 collection. Designed for advanced players seeking to amplify their offensive prowess without compromising control, this racket boasts a teardrop shape, ensuring a balanced emphasis towards the head.

Technological Brilliance:

  • Enhanced Power with 3K Carbon: The racket is fortified with two layers of 3K carbon on the head, resulting in significantly augmented shot power.
  • Innovative Noene Inside Grip: Developed in collaboration with NOENE®, this groundbreaking anti-shock padel grip, exclusive to Starvie rackets, adeptly absorbs and shields up to 96% of negative energy from shocks and vibrations.

Precision and Durability:

  • Full Plane Effect Technology: The roughness on the head, directly integrated during the molding process, provides remarkable stability and durability. This technology also facilitates precise ball strikes.

Tailored for Performance:

  • Teardrop Shape for Balanced Performance: The optimized point of impact leans towards the tip, ensuring a dynamic blend of power and control.
  • Extended Cuff for Enhanced Grip: A 1 cm longer cuff enables a more comfortable two-handed grip during backhand shots.

Spanish Craftsmanship:

  • Proudly Made in Spain: Each Starvie Tritón Pro is a testament to Spanish craftsmanship, reflecting a legacy of excellence.

Elevate your game with the Starvie Tritón Pro – where power meets precision.

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Vorm: Diamond

Balans: High