Wilson Pro Staff V2 | Padel Racket


Wilson Pro Staff V2 | Padel Racket


Take your padel game to the next level with the precision-oriented Pro Staff v2, a racket engineered for peak confidence with every shot. The extended handle allows for a comfortable two-handed grip if preferred, while an updated geometry and hole pattern further pinpoint shot placement. Additional features include a Soft EVA Foam and a strategically woven layer of carbon fiber that combine to dial up the power and responsiveness. Includes wrist strap attached to the handle for extra control and safety when sharing the court with others.

  • Pro Staff Family: Unique face shape optimizes sweet spot and magnifies control
  • Round Shape: Shape contains larger sweet spot that enhances control and feel
  • Soft EVA Foam: Offers cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption
  • Construction: Unique face shape paired with textured surface produces optimum control
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Weight: 365 g

Shape: Round

Balance: High