Head Extreme Pro | Padel Racket

240,93 322,59

Head Extreme Pro | Padel Racket

240,93 322,59

The EXTREME PRO PADEL RACKET combines extreme power with excellent touch. Developed for intermediate and professional players, this diamond-shaped racket uses new Soft Butt Cap technology, which offers a softer playing feel and extra cushioning. Innovative Auxetic technology provides extra power and a sensational impact feeling. The hybrid woven surface provides extra power and touch. Push yourself to the limit with a racket with Extreme Spin technology, finished with an exclusive, colorful and vibrant design.

• Extreme power for advanced and professional players
• New diamond shape
• New Soft Butt Cap technology
• Auxetic technology for extra power and sensational feel
• Hybrid woven material in the hitting surface for extra power
• Extreme Spin technology
• Exclusive, colorful design

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Weight: 370 g

Shape: Diamond

Balance: High