Starvie Triton | Pickleball Paddle

173,51 193,39

Starvie Triton | Pickleball Paddle

173,51 193,39
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Introducing the StarVie Triton Pickleball Paddle, the perfect balance between control and power for players of all levels. Boasting a larger side area and an extended grip, this racket offers unparalleled versatility on the court.

Belangrijkste Kenmerken:

  • Vorm: Standaard gezicht met een lang handvat
  • Frame Dikte: 13mm
  • Oppervlak: Gebruikt Supercore PHC voor optimale prestaties
  • Frame: Constructed with 12K Carbon for enhanced durability and responsiveness
  • Gewicht: 250 gram

Experience a racket that provides the ideal blend of control and force. The StarVie Triton Pickleball Paddle offers versatility, enabling players to command the court with finesse and power.

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