Starvie Metheora Pro Special Edition | Padel Racket

371,86 446,23

Starvie Metheora Pro Special Edition | Padel Racket

371,86 446,23
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For the first time the top sold racket out of the Starvie range, Metheora, will come with EVA50 inside (as used by many pro's). All other models in the past where with soft EVA30 inside or since this year with the new DUAL foam. So if you really want to play with the racket which was the preferred weapon of the warrior Mati Diaz (16 years top 10 in the world), this is your chance. By the way, did we mention the racket very exclusive (100 in total) and it looks amazing?

The Special Edition Metheora PRO has the EVA 50 inside, which is used by the pro players. Hard foam is better suited for warmer conditions and will give you more power and control. Only on softer shots you have to work a little harder, but on the volley's and other strokes you can be more precise and for fast smashes it will bring all energy to the ball resulting in more powerfull shots. On the negative site harder foam will result in more vibrations to the arm so in general it is better suited for player with a good technical background. So dare to be different and play with an unique racket with unique design.

For the first time ever Noene has been integratedThe Noene anti shock padel grip protects hands and shoulders from shock and vibration caused by the impact of the ball with the racket. Thanks to its 1.6 mm thickness and tacky PU coating, it does not change the feel of the racquet grip and provides precision and optimal grip. It absorbs up to 96% of the vibrations (!).

It is intended for advanced or professional players looking for a control racket that does not fall short in power, being a round racket with medium balance.

Its outer core is composed of a layer of Carbon 3K in black and another layer of Carbon 3K. Its inner core has the aforementioned Dual Density rubber, with the outer layers of lower density than the inner layers. In the core it incorporates the Star Balance system to balance the racket to perfection.

On its faces, it has the Full Plan Effect technology, a roughness on a 3D plane that offers the best effects for your shots.

Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 355 - 370 gram

Shape: Round

Balance: Medium et Low