Head Extreme Pro | Padel Racket

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Head Extreme Pro | Padel Racket

183,42 317,30
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Discover the perfect blend of extreme power and outstanding touch with the Head Extreme Pro padel racket, designed specifically for advanced and professional players. With its innovative technologies and diamond-shaped design, this racket is the key to a game that is both powerful and precise.

The racket of Arturo Coello

The Head Extreme Pro 2024 is the proud choice of Arturo Coello, number 1 on the WPT ranking. This racket, with its vibrant and exclusive design, represents the powerful line of HEAD in 2024. A true reflection of quality and prestige, just like Coello himself.

For which player is the Head Extreme Pro 2024 intended?

This racket is ideal for experienced padel players looking for a combination of power and precision in their game. It's perfect for those who want to dominate their opponents with both powerful smashes and precise shots.


  • Blade shape: Diamond-shaped, for maximum power and an optimized sweet spot.
  • Weight: 370 grams, for a solid feel and powerful strikes.
  • Balance: 272 mm, ensures excellent control over racket movements.
  • Blade thickness: 38 mm, for an ideal mix of power and control.
  • Blade size: 494 cm², for a larger hitting surface and increased chance of successful strikes.
  • Length: Standard, focusing on precision and agility.
  • Materials: Graphene XT and Carbon composite frame with a hybrid woven hitting surface and Power Foam core, for unmatched power and touch.


  • Auxetic technology: For a sensational feel and extra power with each hit.
  • Extreme Spin: Ensures unparalleled spin control.
  • Optimized Sweet Spot: For a perfected hitting surface specific to this racket.
  • Smart Bridge: Adjusts the bridge for optimal control or power, depending on the racket model.

Unique features

  • Soft Butt Cap: Ensures a more comfortable playing feel and cushioning.
  • Anti Shock Skin: Protects the racket from shocks and scratches for a longer lifespan.
  • Graphene Inside: Strengthens the frame, offers more stability, and optimizes the energy transfer from racket to ball.

Blade structure: Power and touch

The Head Extreme Pro 2024 stands out with its diamond shape and hybrid woven surface, which provides an excellent combination of power and touch. The Extreme Spin technology adds an extra dimension by allowing the ball to be hit with a lot of spins, making your game more unpredictable for the opponent. This makes the racket extremely suitable for players who want to elevate their game to a higher level.

Durability: Designed to perform

Built with the most robust materials, including a composite of graphene and carbon, the Head Extreme Pro 2024 offers exceptional durability. The addition of Anti Shock Skin technology further protects the racket against damage, allowing you to enjoy consistent performance on the court for longer.

Balance point: Power meets precision

The racket excels in providing an ideal balance between power and control, thanks to the carefully designed balance and weight. This enables powerful shots while maintaining precision, a combination that advanced players will particularly appreciate. Whether you dominate from the baseline or control the game at the net, the Head Extreme Pro 2024 offers the flexibility to adapt to any situation.

With its advanced technologies and striking design, the Head Extreme Pro 2024 is the ultimate racket for players who want to maximize their performance on the padel court. Take on the challenge like Arturo Coello and elevate your game to the next level.

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Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 370+ gram

Shape: Diamond

Balance: High