What are Noene insoles?

Noene insoles are specially designed to absorb shocks and vibrations that occur during intensive and dynamic activities such as padel and tennis. These insoles are made from a unique vibro-absorbing elastomer known for its exceptional shock absorption capacity.

Technical features of Noene insoles:

  • Double Layer AirFoam and E.V.A.: Provides exceptional comfort and elasticity.
  • Ergonomic E.V.A. Reinforcement: Supports the heel and arch, ideal for directional changes and jumps.
  • 1 mm Noene® Layer: Provides maximum protection against shocks along the entire length of the sole.
  • Three-dimensional Base: Enhances grip in the shoe, increasing your stability during play.

Why use Noene insoles?

Protection and performance enhancement

Noene insoles absorb and remove up to 96% of the negative energy generated by shocks and vibrations. This protects your skeletal and muscular system from the harmful effects of repeated impact. Whether you're doing intensive sports training, having a busy workday, or performing daily activities, Noene helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and relieves the strain on your joints. This keeps your muscles more efficient and increases your resistance to exertion.

Faster recovery

After intensive training or a long day, Noene helps shorten recovery time. The insoles ensure that you are quickly back in top condition for your next activity.

How long do Noene insoles last?

The durability of Noene insoles is impressive. It is recommended to replace the insoles after two years or earlier with intensive use. This ensures that you always benefit from maximum protection and comfort.

Maintaining your Noene insoles

Maintaining your Noene insoles is simple. Wash them in warm water with mild soap and rub them with a non-abrasive sponge. This keeps them in optimal condition and retains their protective properties.

The Innovation of Noene® Technology

Noene® technology stands out due to the unique composition of crystalline microcells within the elastomer. These cells act as a filter against shocks and vibrations, effectively absorbing and dissipating negative energy. This means that, unlike materials such as gel, Noene retains its shock-absorbing properties throughout the product's lifespan.

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