Your padel balls will last 4x longer

How It Works

You have probably already experienced that padel balls get softer over time. This happens during play but also when you don't use the balls for a while. By using a pressure regulator you can ensure that the padel balls deflate more slowly. The TUBO+ is such a pressure regulator in the form of a tube. You can increase the pressure in the tube by squeezing more air into it, making the balls deflate less quickly when you store them in it.


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Best offer and fast delivery from Padelshop

Racket was delivered the next day. Racket was over 10 euros cheaper here than anywhere else.

By Hans, Netherlands

Received our padel racket very quickly

Very quickly received our padel racket! Now just hope that a 4th person will be found soon. So that we can also start lessons!

By Monique, United Kingdom

22:00 ordered and delivered next day 13:00

Ordered 22:00 and delivered next day 13:00! Top delivery👍🏻

By Dion, Netherlands