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Buying a Padel Racket?

Are you ready to take your padel game to the next level? The right padel racket can make a world of difference. With a wide range of rackets for every level and playing style, we at are here to help you find the perfect match.

Which shape of padel racket suits you?

The shape of your padel racket isn't tied to your level but to your unique playing style. Padel rackets come in three main shapes: round, teardrop, and diamond. Each shape has its own unique advantages and is suitable for different playing styles. Which shape suits you? We'll look at the characteristics of each shape and match them to your playing style.

Round-shaped padel rackets

Are you a controlling player who prefers defending and playing with technique? Then a round racket is your perfect match. Round padel rackets are known for the following points:

  • Control and precision: The sweet spot is larger, allowing you to place the ball accurately.
  • Defensive prowess: The round shape makes the racket agile, perfect for reacting to defensive shots.
  • Technique lover: Round rackets are ideal for players who want to bring finesse and technique into their game.
  • Largest sweet spot: Covers almost the entire blade, making it easier to hit the ball well.

Balance of a round padel racket

Round padel rackets have a low to mid balance, making them easy to maneuver and offering ideal precision. This makes them perfect for players who prefer defending and playing with technique. The lightness of the racket allows for quick reactions, while the lower power is less suitable for powerful smashes and volleys.

Teardrop-shaped padel rackets

Are you an all-round player looking for more power, or a net player who likes to dominate? Then choose a teardrop-shaped racket. Teardrop-shaped padel rackets are known for the following points:

  • The powerhouse with finesse: Combine explosive power with easy handling for a dynamic game.
  • Pure net player: Master the net with powerful volleys and smashes thanks to the perfect balance.
  • All-round power: Take your game to the next level with more power without losing control.
  • Medium sweet spot: Located in the middle of the blade.

Balance of a teardrop-shaped padel racket

Teardrop-shaped padel rackets have a mid to high balance. This gives them more power than round rackets without sacrificing control. The weight distribution makes them stable and easy to handle, making them perfect for all-round players.

Diamond-shaped padel rackets

Are you an experienced, powerful player who wants to push the boundaries of the game? Then choose a diamond-shaped racket. Diamond-shaped padel rackets are known for the following points:

  • Unleash brute force: This racket is designed for aggressive players who seek the attack.
  • Smash sensation: Conquer the net with devastating smashes and unstoppable volleys.
  • Technique perfected: Master the top-heavy balance for maximum power and ultimate precision.
  • Small sweet spot: Located at the top of the blade.

Balance of a diamond-shaped padel racket

Diamond-shaped padel rackets have a top-heavy balance. This provides maximum power for smashes and volleys but makes the racket less agile. Diamond-shaped rackets are perfect for experienced and aggressive players.

Round rackets are not just for beginners

Many padel players think that a round padel racket is only suitable for beginners. This is a misconception! The shape of your padel racket is not necessarily related to your level but much more to your playing style. Top players like Beatriz Gonzalez, Agustin Tapia, and Marta Ortega prove this with their round rackets.

The weight of padel rackets

In addition to the shape of the racket, weight is an important factor that affects your game. Lighter rackets are generally easier to handle and maneuver, while heavier rackets can generate more power in shots.

The weight of a padel racket

Lighter rackets are generally easier to handle and maneuver, while heavier rackets can generate more power in shots.

Lightweight rackets (<355 grams):

  • Less power
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Less strain on the arm
  • Ideal for beginners, players with injuries, or those who prefer a fast playing style.

Standard rackets (356-369 grams):

  • Balance between power and control
  • Comfortable for most players
  • Suitable for various playing styles.

Heavy rackets (>370 grams):

  • Maximum power
  • Harder to handle
  • More strain on the arm
  • Ideal for experienced, powerful players seeking maximum power.

Hard or soft padel racket: What is the right choice?

In addition to the shape of the racket, the hardness or softness of the blade and foam are of great influence on your game. The choice between a hard or soft racket depends on your playing style, level, and personal preferences.

Hard foam (Pro Foam = EVA50)

Are you a powerful and aggressive padel player looking for maximum power and precision? Then a padel racket with hard foam is the perfect choice for you!

The advantages of hard foam:

  • More power and responsiveness
  • Better stability and control
  • Suitable for powerful and aggressive players

The disadvantages of hard foam:

  • Less comfortable for the arm
  • More vibrations
  • Less suitable for beginners

Soft foam (Ultra Speed Soft Foam, Soft Foam = EVA28, EVA30)

Soft foam rackets offer a comfortable and controlled playing experience, perfect for beginners, players with injuries, and defensive players.

The advantages of soft foam:

  • Provides a softer and more forgiving feel on impact.
  • Increases the precision and touch of your shots.
  • Larger sweetspot: Increases the chance of successful shots, even with off-center hits.
  • Reduces arm strain and increases comfort.
  • Suitable for beginners, players with injuries, and players with a defensive playing style:
  • Provides a comfortable and controllable playing experience.

The disadvantages of soft foam:

  • Less power: Limits the power of your shots.
  • Less responsiveness: Can make it harder to counter fast balls.
  • Dual Foam: The best of both worlds?

In addition to the choice between hard and soft foam, there is also dual foam. This type of foam combines layers of soft and hard foam in one racket. This tries to combine the benefits of both types.

The advantages of dual foam:

  • More comfort than hard foam but more power than soft foam.
  • Improved shock absorption thanks to the softer layers.
  • Better stability due to the presence of harder layers.
  • Larger sweetspot due to a combination of softer and harder zones.

The perfect padel grip for your padel racket

The right grip is essential for optimal comfort, control, and power during padel.

The grip size

The correct grip size is crucial for comfort and control. Make sure there is a pinky's width between your palm and the grip (see picture). Always use an overgrip to adjust the grip thickness and create extra cushioning. Experiment with different grip thicknesses to find the perfect size for you.

Tip: Visit our store for personalized advice on the right grip size and overgrip for your padel racket.

Test different padel rackets with us

At, we understand that choosing the right padel racket is an important decision. That's why we offer you the unique opportunity to test rackets for free at our Padel Experience Center.

Located in Alphen aan den Rijn (Hoorn 135, 2404 HH), our center has its own private padel court where you can try out all the rackets available online.

Trying out different padel rackets is crucial to finding the racket that perfectly suits your level and playing style. If you are unable to visit our Experience Center, don't worry. Based on the information on our website, you can make an informed decision about which racket suits you best. In addition, our padel specialists are always ready to support you. Feel free to contact us at or send a WhatsApp message to +316 81161457.