As with many sports, everyone has their own hand that makes them unique. Many elite athletes have become who they are because of what makes them special. That is of course no different with padel. Everyone has their own way of playing and by analyzing these you come to the question; What kind of player am I actually?

Are you a daredevil, are you a defensive player or more offensive. Do you always go for the maximum or do you look at what your buddy is doing? All of these questions answer showcase what type of padeller you are. In addition, it is important to see whether your current racket suits you as a type of player. Does this racket help you get the best out of your game?

Are you an aggressive player who likes to go to the net and hit all balls with maximum power? Or are you a controlled player who wants more confidence from your racket? If you're not sure what kind of player you are, we can help. Here's what defines each type of player:

Aggressive players like to go to the net, so they need a racket to help them do that. Therefore, an aggressive player should buy an offensive racket.

An offensive racket has more power when you hit the ball and you have more control over your shots. This can be especially useful if you're playing against an opponent who likes to hit winners from the baseline, as you can use your strength to play them off balance.

Aggressive players also tend to play with more risk, meaning they are more likely to win games with their aggressive strokes, but also more likely to lose those games due to their attacking style of play. If this describes you, then an offensive racket is just what you need to power up your game!

But beware: a player with an offensive style of play can also hit many more balls if the racket gives too much power. Therefore, make sure that you always know what you are buying and that you do not suddenly get too much power from your racket.

Perfect offensive rackets

The controlling player is looking for a racket that gives him more confidence. That is why you will find many round rackets with a low weight for the most control, or a round racket that is slightly heavier, so that you can get both control and power out of your racket. These rackets also have a larger sweet spot.

Rather place than hit hard
Controlling players don't necessarily have to be good at hitting the ball hard. Importantly, they play more in the service of the left winger and try to make other players run by spreading the ball instead of hitting hard. Placing the ball is very important for these players. Choose the angles, keep an eye on the running lines and place the ball in the open spaces.

Make other players run by using the maximum of the court.
Controlling players look for rackets that allow them to spread their shots over a wider area instead of just hitting hard. With this they try to let their opponent run a lot, by determining the game themselves.

Perfect controlling rackets

If you have bought a new racket, you will always have to get used to it. This is because the balance, weight and material will be different than you are used to. Very logical too.

Give yourself time to get used to the racket and don't immediately look disapprovingly at your racket. Eventually you will notice that if you have found a racket that suits you, your game will improve. If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact:

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November 25, 2022 — Jessy Loijens