Padel balls are an important part of the sport and can have a huge impact on the game. There are many different types of padel balls, but actually they all look the same. To arrive at the perfect ball, it is good to describe a number of properties of different padel balls. Read on to find out what the perfect padel ball is for you.

Characteristics of a padelball

The inside of the ball is always made of rubber. Today, most padel balls on the market are filled with gas or nitrogen. The difference is mainly in the use of the different fiber types. Felt is often used. A distinction can be made between a natural and synthetic fiber. The natural fibers are often from sheep's wool.

There are two types of padel balls: normal speed and high speed. For better speed and bounce, fast padel balls have a higher pressure and shorter felt. These balls are especially suitable for intermediate and advanced level players.

Due to a lower pressure and a longer felt, the speed of a padel ball is damped. These are suitable for beginners, but can of course also be used by experienced players.

The ball must bounce a certain height to qualify as a padel ball. For this, a test is done in which the ball falls from a height of 2.54m. The intention is that the ball bounces back to a height of 135 to 145 centimeters.

The weight of a padel ball should be between 56 and 59.4 grams. In addition, the specifications in terms of pressure and dimensions must also be correct. For example, the pressure must be between 4.6 and 5.2 kg per square centimeter. For the dimensions, padel balls must have a diameter between 6.35 and 6.77 centimeters.


How long does a padelball last?

When you open the new can of padel balls, you will hear a sound, namely a 'his' murmur. This is because compressed air disappears from the bus. Padel balls are usually sold in a pressurized canister. The manufacturers of balls replenish air so as not to deflate the balls.

You may be wondering why balls lose pressure so quickly? This has to do with how balls are produced and the way they are used. Height, moisture, temperature, style of play and court surface all affect the life of the ball.

The duration of a padel ball in the form in which it is delivered is a bit disappointing. After a while, a padel ball loses pressure and performance diminishes. After one game you can count on the balls losing a quarter of their pressure, which means they bounce less.

A padel ball should actually be replaced between 2 to 4 hours (one or two matches). Most players prefer new padel balls every match. During the WPT, new padel balls are always used every match.


The solution for long-term use of a padelball

Fortunately, there is a more cheap and environmentally conscious solution than buying new balls every time. The correct alternative solution is called a pressure cooker. This is a canister in which you keep padel balls.

A pressure tube or pressure regulator is a pneumatic tool used to keep the pressure of padel ball the same. The optimum pressure is created by pumping air in through a valve. As a result, padel balls have a longer shelf life.

You will earn your money back after using the pressure cooker a few times. You can of course also choose to purchase one pressure cooker with different players.



What is the best padelball?

The best padel ball will be different for each player because each player has a different game type and therefore a different ball preference. Some of the best balls are mentioned below and the characteristics of these balls are explained. Based on this description you can choose the perfect padel ball for you.



The Head Padel Pro S is the official padel ball of the World Padel Tour (WPT). The Head brand has developed this ball together with the best padel players. The Padel Pro S balls are best suited for players who prefer speed in their game where the ball often bounces during a point. While playing, the tempo remains high and the rallies are dynamic. No point is the same! We recommend these padel balls for players of intermediate and advanced level who like fast balls. This brand of padel balls has been around for a while, but it definitely remains one of the best padel balls out there. That's why we voted the Head Padel Pro S as the best padel balls of 2022! 


The Bullpadel Padel Balls Premium Pro are for maximum speed. The padel balls have a long lifespan and a fantastic hitting feeling due to the high quality of the synthetic felt used. The rubber core of the padel ball has a high density which prevents pressure loss and which improves the durability of the ball. Bullpadel Premium Pro padel balls are the official balls for competitions organized by the Padel Federation of Madrid. 


The Black Crown padel ball is great. Black Crown has done a lot of research to develop the best padel ball and it has paid off! These Black Crown padel balls are of good quality and last a long time. The core is made of high quality rubber and a mixture of felt materials. As a result, wear is limited as much as possible and this ball still has power after 1.5 hours of play. The ball is not so hard on the arm and therefore plays very easily.

April 21, 2022 — Lars van IJzendoorn