Sweaty hands can be a major challenge for padel players. Not only can sweat reduce your grip on the racket but it can also cause the racket to slip out of your hands, affecting the accuracy of your shots and your overall performance. Therefore, in this blog we discuss some useful tips to prevent sweaty hands while playing padel so you can focus on winning matches.

Replace your grip on time

A worn-out grip can no longer absorb sweat, significantly reducing your grip on the racket. If you play several times a week, replace your grip at least every two weeks. Competitive players may consider changing their grip after every match.

Use a Hesacore grip

The Hesacore grip is an innovative Bullpadel grip that replaces your existing grip. The hexagonal pattern of the grip provides a firmer and more comfortable hold, preventing the racket from spinning too quickly in your hands. It may take some getting used to, but once you adjust, it's an excellent solution against sweaty hands. Check out the Hesacore grip product page for more details.

Use Stop Sweat – Anti-sweaty hands

Stop Sweat is developed by STOPLAB and is specifically designed for padel players who struggle with sweaty hands and feet. This product creates a protective layer on the skin, providing long-lasting protection against sweat and odor. This keeps your skin dry, helping you maintain your grip on the racket. Stop Sweat is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and leaves no sticky feeling behind. This allows you to focus entirely on your game without worrying about slipping rackets.Check out the Stop Sweat – Anti-Sweaty Hands product page for more details and to order your supply today!

Use sweatbands

A simple but effective way to keep sweat from your arms out of your hands is by wearing sweatbands. These bands prevent sweat from dripping from your forearms to your hands, which contributes to better grip. Ensure that the bands fit tightly enough without cutting off blood circulation.

Don't use hand cream

Avoid using hand cream or other skincare products before playing. Hand creams can make your skin smoother, which, combined with sweat, increases the likelihood of the racket slipping. Keep your hands natural and instead use absorbent grips and products like Stop Sweat to counteract sweat.


Sweaty hands can adversely affect your game, but with the right preparations and products, you can maintain your grip and play confidently. Regularly replace your grip, try new solutions like the Hesacore grip or Stop Sweat, and wear sweatbands to improve your performance on the court. Feel free to reach out for more advice on grip replacement or products to combat sweaty hands.

May 08, 2024 — Jorn van t Klooster