No, playing padel in the rain is not a good idea. The temptation can be great to go ahead and play but there are several reasons why you're better off not doing it. We explain the risks. 

The risk of injury increases

  • Slipperiness of the court: Rain can make the padel court treacherously slippery. Slipping and falling are imminent with possible consequences being sprains, bruises, or in the worst case, fractures.
  • Reduced grip on the racket: The rain can cause you to have less grip on your racket leading to reduced control over the ball. This not only increases the risk of injuries due to incorrect movements but can also affect the effectiveness of your game.
  • Limited visibility: Heavy rainfall can significantly reduce visibility making it harder to follow the ball. This increases the chance of accidents and injuries during the game.

Damage to your equipment

  • Padel rackets: Prolonged exposure to rainwater can damage the racket surface making it heavier and possibly deforming it. This not only directly affects your game but can also significantly shorten the lifespan of your racket.
  • Padel shoes: Just like the court your shoes can also become slipperier in the rain, resulting in reduced grip. This increases the risk of slipping and thereby injuries.

The rain hinders visibility and the flow of the game

  • The game changes: The rain makes the ball heavy and the ground wet. This changes the game from what you're used to. It becomes more difficult to play well, and you can't perform as well as usual.
  • Harder to play well: When the ground is wet, it's harder to hit and direct the ball where you want. This makes playing more challenging, and you can't show off your skills as effectively.

Can you play padel when it's freezing?

Yes, it's possible to play padel when it freezes, but it does come with some challenges and precautions. At freezing temperatures, padel courts can become slippery, especially if ice forms, increasing the risk of slipping and falling. In addition, the ball may react differently to the cold temperatures, affecting playability.

To safely play padel in freezing weather, it's important that the padel courts are well maintained and free of ice and snow. Players should also wear appropriate clothing to stay warm and may need to adjust their playing style to the changed conditions. Using shoes with good grip is essential to prevent slipping.


March 18, 2024 — Jorn van t Klooster