Exploring the Adidas Metalbone Series: A Comprehensive Racket Guide

The Adidas Metalbone series introduces a range of high-performance padel rackets designed to elevate your game. Let's delve into the distinct characteristics of each racket, tailored for varying player levels and playing styles.

Metalbone 3.3: Power, Comfort, and Customizability

For Intermediate to Pro Level Players

  • Features Carbon Aluminized 2 to 1 surface technology and Eva Soft Performance core for enhanced power and comfort.
  • Octagonal Structure technology provides added rigidity for improved performance.
  • Offers customizable weight and balance through the Weight & Balance System, enabling personalized performance adjustments.
  • Suitable for players seeking a blend of power and control with a Diamond Oversize shape.

Metalbone HRD+: Precision and Unparalleled Power

For Advanced Players Prioritizing Extreme Power

  • Utilizes Carbon Aluminized 2 T0 1 surface and High Memory technology for unparalleled power.
  • Octagonal Structure technology reinforces rigidity within the heart and frame, ensuring stability.
  • Empowers players with surprising spin effects via the Spin Blade's octagonal roughness.

Metalbone Team 3.3: Power and Precision for Ambitious Intermediates

Intermediate Level Players Aiming for Precision and Power

  • Engineered for ambitious attacking strategies with technologies enhancing rigidity and resistance to high torsion.
  • Combines power and precision seamlessly with a Fiber Glass surface and Eva Soft Performance internally.
  • Facilitates nuanced shot control through the Spin Blade Gritt's roughness.

Metalbone Carbon 3.3: Unleashing Advanced-Level Attacking Prowess

Advanced-Level Players Seeking Unleashed Attack

  • Embodies power and precision with the iconic Metalbone technology and Octagonal Structure.
  • Fusion of Eva Soft Performance and Carbon 6k fiber ensures durability and unmatched comfort.
  • Facilitates enhanced control and maneuverability with new Spin Blade reliefs.

Metalbone Ctrl 3.3: Absolute Control for High-Level Play

Tailored Control for High-Level Players

  • Integrates the Weight & Balance System for customized weight and balance adjustments.
  • Melds comfort and power through Eva Soft Performance and Carbon Aluminized 2 T0 1 surface.
  • Employs Spin Blade technology for precise spin effects without sacrificing control.

Metalbone Carbon Ctrl 3.3: Precision and Power in Harmony

Intermediate-Level Players

  • Balances control and power with Octagonal Structure and Structural Reinforcement.
  • Maximizes shot efficiency and spin effects with Spin Blade technology.
  • Designed for precise control without compromising power.

Metalbone Team Light 3.3: Reduced Weight, Enhanced Performance

Intermediate Players Seeking Competitive Edge with Reduced Weight

  • Offers maximum performance with reduced weight, suitable for intermediate-level players.
  • Ensures stability with Octagonal Structure technology and Structural Reinforcement.
  • Delivers impressive spin effects with Spin Blade Gritt roughness.

December 05, 2023 — Jessy Tejero Loijens