1. Buy a racket because it is highly discounted. So the racket is on discount, but wouldn’t you prefer to play with a racket which will complement your game the best?

  2. Buy a racket because of color. So the racket looks nice, but we all know we should not judge a book by its cover. A nice design will make you look good, but it will not make you win matches.

  3. Buy a racket because your favorite player is playing with it. A padelracket which is good for your padelstar, is good for him / her but is unlikely best suited for you.

  4. Buy a racket without knowing the end weight of a racket you should have (normally 370-380 gram for men, 365 for women). A real expert should always take into mind the size of your hand (bigger handsize is more overgrips, more overgrips result in more weight). E.g. you use 2 overgrips (2 x 6,5 gram), so the padelracket should not weigh more than 367 to be able to have an endresult of under 380 gram.

  5. Buy a racket without testing it. Trying before buying is always the best way. Or receive personal advice from Holland's padel specialist, Marcel Bogaart. Get in touch via support@padelshop.com or send a message via Whatsapp.

  6. Read stupid things on the internet like: round is for beginners. Fact a 7-times world champion is playing with a round racket, many top players (a.o. Stupa, Bea Gonzalez, Carolina Navarro, Mati Diaz) are playing with round rackets. How can you say round is for beginners? Round is easier to play with and it can suit beginners but it doesn’t mean it is only for beginners. It can be for every level.

  7. Buy a racket for only a particular shot (like a tearshaped racket for the smash). This racket will only help you with the smash, but it will slow you down at the net and make defending much more difficult. This is like choosing a partner to merry you which only makes you happy in 2% of the time. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?
If you want the best advice, come test your new racket at our Experience Center in Alphen aan den Rijn. Here you get customized advice and you can test the racket directly on our own padel court.
    April 14, 2023 — Marcel Bogaart