Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 3.3 | Padel Racket

273,95 389,95

Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 3.3 | Padel Racket

273,95 389,95
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Tailored for high-level players seeking absolute control, the Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 3.3 integrates the Weight & Balance System technology—a removable weight system enabling customized adjustments to the racket's weight and balance on-the-go. The combination of Eva Soft Performance and Carbon Aluminized 2 T0 1 surface ensures both comfort and power in every shot.

The Octagonal Structure technology bolsters rigidity within the heart and frame, enhancing control during gameplay. This control-oriented racket is further fortified by the Spin Blade's octagonal roughness across the entire surface, enabling players to generate impressive and unpredictable spin effects with ease.

Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 340 - 355 gram

Shape: Round

Balance: Medium