Black Crown Koala Black Edition

Black Crown Koala Black Edition

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Black Crown have created the Koala Black Edition, a limited edition padelracket and it's now available at Padelshop only.

This racket can be used by all types of players and playing styles. Excellent for the beginner padel player who wants serious material right away, but also excellent for the advanced players. Why? The racket has a round shape, which creates a large sweet spot, and the weight range is from 353-368, which can be called light to average. The outside is made of a double-tubolar 3k frame (3k carbon is seen as 1 of the hardest types of carbon). Double tubolar means that there are 2 air chambers on the outside, so that the racket doesn't break easily. It has sufficient stiffness to be able to play precisely. The foam (the heart of the racket) is medium soft. This means not too hard for the arm, but hard enough to keep control over the ball.

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Weight: 360.5 g

Shape: Round

Balance: Medium