Adidas Metalbone HRD+ 2024 | Padel Racket

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Adidas Metalbone HRD+ 2024 | Padel Racket

277,63 386,72
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Everything about the Adidas Metalbone HRD+

Discover the pinnacle of power and precision with the Adidas Metalbone HRD+, a padel racket designed for the versatile player who excels in aggressive play at every point on the court. Chosen by professional player Alejandro (Ale) Galán, this model combines advanced technologies and a robust design to maximize both power and playing comfort.

Alejandro Galán serie Padel Racket

The Adidas Metalbone HRD+ 2024 represents the latest innovation from Adidas, a top-level choice for Ale Galán. As part of the Adidas 2024 collection, this racket is characterized by its powerful performance and the refined Adidas Performance logo, signifying unprecedented quality.

Who is the Adidas Metalbone HRD+ for?

Ideal for advanced players who seek an aggressive and powerful playing style, this racket provides excellent control over powerful strikes. It is perfect for players who want to dominate their opponents with precision and dominance.


  • Blade shape: Diamond Oversize, increases the sweet spot and maximizes power with every hit.
  • Weight: 345-360 grams, adjustable with the unique Weight & Balance System (+0-12 grams), for precise customization to your playing style.
  • Balance: High, for explosive strikes and aggressive play. Blade
  • Thickness: 38 mm, offers an ideal balance between power and control.
  • Blade size: 485 cm², increases the hitting area for better chances of striking.
  • Length: 455 mm, ensures extensive reach and versatility in play.
  • Materials: Carbon Aluminized 2 TO 1 surface with a 100% Carbon Fiber frame and High Memory EVA core, for durability and comfort.


  • Weight & balance system: Adjustable system for a personalized playing experience.
  • Spin blade: For tactical spin and superior ball control.
  • Octagonal structure: Provides extra stiffness and increases power without compromising durability.

Unique features

  • Metalbone protection strip: Extends the lifespan of the racket.
  • 3D Facing: Enhances effect and control over the ball with a rough 3D print surface.

Durability: Built to perform

Constructed with high-quality materials such as Carbon Fiber and Carbon Aluminized 2 TO 1 technology, the Adidas Metalbone HRD+ is designed for intense use and long-lasting performance. This racket not only guarantees durability but also consistent performance on the padel court. An investment in quality and playing pleasure for years.

Balance Point: Power meets control

This racket excels in delivering powerful smashes, combined with excellent control, thanks to its high balance point. The innovative Weight & Balance System allows you to adjust the weight and balance point for precise tuning to your playing preferences. This offers the flexibility to optimally adjust your racket, whether you are looking for more control at the net or devastating power from the baseline.

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Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 355 - 370 gram

Shape: Diamond

Balance: High