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Discover the World of Adidas Padel Rackets

Welcome to the Adidas Padel Racket Collection, where the interplay of innovation, performance and style is at the heart of every racket line. Adidas, a global icon in the world of sports, delivers not only top quality equipment, but also a promise of uncompromising excellence. Here we explore the diverse lines of Adidas Padel Rackets, designed to meet the needs of every padel player.

Adidas Padel: Innovation in Every Detail

Adidas, with its legacy of nearly three-quarters of a century, has continually raised the standards of athletic performance. In the world of padel, Adidas provides a wide range of rackets that demonstrate advanced technologies, high-quality craftsmanship and unmistakable style.

Adipower Series: For Ultimate Power and Control

1. Adipower Soft 2.0: Power in Elegant Form

With a diamond-shaped racquet blade and Smart Holes technology, the Adipower Soft 2.0 delivers impressive power with every stroke. This racquet is a choice for the attacking player who wants to maintain precise control while pushing the limits of their power.

2. Adipower CTRL 2.0: Balance in Perfection

The Adipower CTRL 2.0 racquet, with its round shape and Smart Holes technology, offers a perfect balance between power and control. Ideal for players who want to excel in both offense and defense, without compromising on agility.

Essnova Series: Agility and Responsiveness.

Essnova Carbon CTRL: Refinement in Motion
The Essnova Carbon CTRL combines a round shape with EVA Soft Performance technology for an exceptional balance of agility and responsiveness. This racquet is made for players who strive for speed and precision in their game.

Metalbone Series: Strength and Stability in Harmony

Metalbone CTRL 2.0: Pure Power in Your Hands
With a diamond-shaped racquet blade and Smart Holes technology, the Metalbone CTRL 2.0 offers unmatched power and stability. This racquet is a companion for the attacker who plays aggressively and controls.

Why Choose Adidas Padel Rackets?

Technological Innovation: Every racket in the Adidas Padel Collection is infused with advanced technologies such as Smart Holes and EVA Soft Performance, giving players the ultimate playing experience.

High-Quality Material: Adidas is known for using high-quality materials that ensure durability and performance, regardless of playing level.

Stylish Design: In addition to performance, Adidas Padel Rackets offer a distinctive and stylish design that will not only impress you on the court, but also off the playing field.