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Starvie Aquila Space Pro Padel Racket

1 955 kr

This padel racket is designed for the most hitting players who want to perform a more aggressive game. Its 100 % carbon composition provides great strength and durability.


  • It has a tear shape that places the optimum point at the top of the padel racket.
  • It provides power in each stroke and excellent control thanks to the medium density of the rubber
  • It includes the Anatomic Bridge Design technology to give an ergonomic shape in its heart making it easier to take on a more suitable and comfortable posture when holding the padel racket.
  • The Aquila Core is a piece located in the padel racket heart that helps controlling and balancing the weight.
  • It incorporates the new technology known as Tubular Extreme Spot, which extends the sweet spot on the surface of the padel racket.
  • It has a good balance between control and power thanks to the medium density of the rubber
  • Product 100% made in Spain Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara).
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