Try Before You Buy

Test a racket on location

What to expect from a racket test from Padelshop:
Besides the website, Padelshop has 6 physical locations throughout the Netherlands. Once you have made a racket test appointment at one of these locations, you can come to the location on the designated day and time. At the location, several rackets with a value of >€100,- are available for testing.

There are two options to test a racket

Option 1:
When you visit one of our physical stores you can try a few of our rackets on our padel court. This will help you decide which racket suits you best. Contact us and let us know your preferred location and which racket(s) you would like to test.

Option 2:
You rent a court at one of the Plaza Padel location. On this court you can, as usual, play padel with some friends. During practice (about 10 min) you will have the opportunity to try out your intended racket and build up some feeling with the racket. This does not involve playing an entire match with the test racket.

Which location is most suitable for you?