Siux Force Pro | Padel Racket

54,95 109,95

Siux Force Pro | Padel Racket

54,95 109,95
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Looking to Buy the SIUX Force Pro?

The SIUX Force Pro is the perfect choice for padel players seeking power, precision, and durability. This top-tier racket is designed to elevate your performance on the court.

Key Features:

  • Shape: Teardrop-shaped, ideal for attacking players who want maximum power in their shots.
  • Weight: 360-380 grams, offering an excellent balance between maneuverability and stability.
  • Frame: Made from 100% carbon, ensuring increased stiffness and durability.
  • Core: EVA Soft Rubber, providing better cushioning and control, giving you more comfort during play.
  • Surface: 3K Carbon, delivering exceptional power and durability.


  • Power and Precision: The teardrop shape design and 3K carbon construction provide powerful shots with maximum precision.
  • Comfort and Control: The EVA Soft Rubber core effectively absorbs shocks, allowing for more comfortable play and greater control over the ball.
  • Durability: The high-quality carbon frame and surface guarantee a long lifespan, even with intensive use.

The SIUX Force Pro is not just a racket; it’s a weapon on the court that helps you dominate your opponents. Whether you're an advanced player or an ambitious beginner, the SIUX Force Pro brings out the best in your game.

Order your SIUX Force Pro now and experience the difference in your game!

Specification Padel Rackets👇

Weight: 355 - 370 gram

Shape: Tear

Balance: Medium and High