Siux Alaris | Padel Racket

$51.00 $96.00

Siux Alaris | Padel Racket

$51.00 $96.00
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The Siux Alaris presents itself as an affordable and reliable racket choice. Specifically designed for beginners and intermediate players engaged in recreational play, this hybrid racket serves as an excellent starting point.

With its teardrop shape and balanced equilibrium, this racket offers a broad sweet spot, embodying versatility on the court. It's well-suited for players seeking a balance between power and control, with a slight emphasis on control, and those looking to play a slightly more aggressive game.

Both the frame and blade of the Siux Alaris are constructed entirely from reinforced fiberglass. The core, crafted from EVA Soft EHR, ensures a comfortable transfer of power during gameplay.

Equipped with ShockOut technology, this racket comes with a Dual Pro Grip and ShockOut anti-vibration dampeners, enhancing comfort and grip while reducing the likelihood of injuries such as tennis elbow during rigorous play. In essence, the Siux Alaris stands as a solid option for beginners seeking a slightly more aggressive gameplay without breaking the bank.

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Shape: Tear

Balance: Medium and High