RS Pro edition Simon Vasquez | Padel Racket

$250.00 $396.00

RS Pro edition Simon Vasquez | Padel Racket

$250.00 $396.00
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This is Simon Vasquez's favorite and one of RS top padel rackets. The racket got an extended grip by 1 cm that gives a better reach and more force in the overhead game.

This racket fits perfectly for the player who plays a two handed backhand. For example when returning the ball. The frame profile is shaped as an hexagon called “Dynamic Hex” and increases the maneuverability of the racket.

The Axis Force stabilisator in the neck of the padel racket gives superior stability and decreases the vibrations when striking the ball. The core of the padel racket contains an adaptive EVA material to increase the sweet spot and compensate for strikes outside of the racket center. ”Power Holes”, where the smallest holes are placed at the center of the racket face, while the holes closer to the racquet frame are bigger, creating a better stability and further increasing the sweet spot. The surface of the racket face is made out of aluminized 12k carbon fiber together with 3D embossed RS logos for better grip and spin.

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Shape: Diamond

Balance: High