Nox Equation WPT Advanced Series


Nox Equation WPT Advanced Series

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The Nox Equation WPT Edition 2022 is the perfect combination of manageability, control and precision. It is a padel racket with a round format, medium balance and a very wide sweet spot that provides great comfort. It is composed by high-quality materials which offer the best performance on the court: 100% carbon frame, 3K fiberglass faces and high-density HR3 rubber core.
In addition, it has rough surfaces thanks to a 3D transparent foil base that helps giving a greater spin to the ball.

Player Profile: Perfectly designed for players looking for manageability, control and precision on the court.

- Circle shape
- Weight: 360-375 grams
- Rubber: HR3
High-density HR3 rubber that has the greatest memory effect, thus achieving greater power when hitting.
- Frame: 100% Carbon
The carbon composite frame gives to the racekt greate rigidity and durability.
- Face: 3K fiberglass
3K weave is achieved by weaving the fiberglass strands into small squares. This fiberglass contains a higher grammage than the usual fiberglass, providing the racket with high durability.

More information

Weight: 367.5 g

Shape: Round

Balance: Medium