Bullpadel K2 Power

Bullpadel K2 Power

€63,99 EUR €85,00

It is designed for intermediate or advanced players. Its outer core is made of Polyglass fiberglass, and the inner core is made of SoftEva rubber and its CarbonTube frame of 100% carbon fiber.  The STREinforce system is based on the creation of a small channel in the side of the frame in order to increase stiffness and reduce weight, providing greater control. It features the Sticker protector, a light, flexible and resistant adhesive protector.

Weight: 360-370 grs.
Profile: 38 mm.
Balance: High
Shape: Diamond
Outer core: Polyglass
Inner core: SoftEva
Protector: Sticker
Player: Advanced
Power/Control: 80/70

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Weight: 365 g

Shape: Round

Balance: High