Bullpadel Ionic Control

€133,99 EUR

Bullpadel Ionic Control

€133,99 EUR
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Made for: Experienced / advanced padel players;
Leaf shape: Round;
Balance: Low;
Weight: 365 - 380 grams;
Power 80 / Control 90;
Frame: Glaphite;
Core: Multieva;
Includes protection sticker.

The Bullpadel Ionic Control is a racket that is very suitable for a wide group of padel players. The racket head has a round shape. This means that the sweet spot is relatively large, so your shots will hit faster. The round racket head also ensures that the weight is the same on all points, making the racket easy to use. The round shape in combination with the weight (365 - 380 grams) makes this racket ideal for playing with a lot of control.

The Bullpadel Ionic Control is equipped with the following technologies:

Curvedge: The 3D design of the frame allows energy to pass through the frame, giving you maximum control and the sweet spot is larger. The aerodynamic shape ensures less air resistance, so you can hit the ball faster.
Topspin layer: The racket has a rough top layer so that you can give extra spin to the ball.
Carbon tube: The racket has a tube frame that is made of 100% carbon. This ensures that the racket has a perfect combination of power and control.

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Weight: 372.5 g

Shape: Round

Balance: Low