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What to expect from a racket test from Padelshop:
In addition to an online shop, Padelshop has a physical Experience Center. Here you get customized advice by the padel specialist of the Netherlands, Marcel Bogaart. Besides receiving customized advice, you can test the padel racket directly on our own padel court. Make an appointment for the best advice.

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Starvie Metheora Pro LTD

The Limited Edition Metheora PRO has the EVA 50 inside, which is used by the pro players. Hard foam is better suited for warmer conditions and will give you more power and control.

adidas Metalbone CTRL 3.2

The adidas Metalbone CTRL 3.2 is the most sought-after control racket of the padel line from Adidas This racket is made for the control player who likes to be extra agile and flexible during his or her game.

NOX AT10 18k Augustin Tapia

The NOX AT10 18k Augustin Tapia, recommended by Augustin Tapia, is specially made for advanced players who want a perfect balance between precision, control and feel.

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